Our Coalition

The Recover Washington Coalition includes small businesses and working people from every community in our state.  We care about the future of our families, our communities and this state that we love.

We support quality schools for every child.  We know that good schools depend on state funding.

Recover Washington communicates with lawmakers in Olympia.  We ask them to make education funding the first priority as they create the state budget. 

As working people and business owners we are the first to see when our economy is getting better or getting worse.  Our economy is recovering from the terrible recession but we know just how fragile the recovery still is.  We also know that new state taxes on businesses and our customers will hurt jobs and the recovery.

The Recover Washington Coalition exists to support economic recovery here.  The state can help or hurt.  Funding good schools without new taxes will help. 

Right now, the legislature and Governor are discussing a budget for the next two years.  The revenue forecast shows that the state will receive $3 billion, 9%, more in tax dollars over the next two years from existing taxes.  Recover Washington encourages lawmakers to prioritize education by using that new revenue for school funding and not raise new taxes.

That’s who we are and what we do.